Why you’ll love us

At Everfield Farm we are working in harmony with nature. Her welfare is always prioritized. What we produce is deliberate, slow, and raised with love.

  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Nutritious

What We Grow


Our vegetables are naturally grown without pesticides or other harsh chemicals.


We grow a variety of cut flowers that support pollinators and brighten your day.


We pasture-raise our pigs, chickens, and ducks for the best quality of life and flavor.


Our pasture-raised hens produce farm fresh eggs that are rich and nutrient-dense.

Who we are

We are a first-generation family farm in Hillsborough, NC. Together with nature, and our children, we are producing ethical food for our community. Farming in harmony with nature benefits the Earth, enriches the lives of our animals, and produces nutrient dense food. Using regenerative and sustainable agriculture practices insures that our land remains fertile and healthy for future generations.

Friends of the Farm